a Desert Shoot with Kierna Conner

I'm an adamant believer that fashion need not be an expensive investment. Investing in your personal style is completely attainable, even on a strict budget. This entire outfit aside from the shoes was bought at various thrift stores (I believe the sweater is from Last Chance). The shoes were bought on a flash sale for $10 from Steve Madden. I mean come on, it doesn't get much better than that.

Back to the point. Kierna is a great example of fashion on a budget. She introduced thrifting to me at a very young age. Really our early friendship consisted of so much thrifty fashion. Trading clothes (despite a very noticeable height difference 😂) and using and mixing clothing pieces in creative ways. Although the end result wasn't always something I'd repeat now, it taught me to be brave as an adult and try things out of the box.

While back in Phoenix for New Years she and I had so much fun working together on this photo shoot. I totally trust her, so my only fashion direction was to lean towards a layered look. And then she came with this nude-y number with not an item payed for full price. The fact that you guys at home could replicate this outfit for around $30 bucks is pretty awesome. Obviously thrifting takes a little more time and dedication that going to the mall, but it's well worth it. I mean, look at her.

The desert has always spoken words of strength and resilience to my heart. Survival by sheer will. That's the kind of quiet fierceness I wanted to portray with Kierna. She is an extraordinarily strong person so it wasn't hard to capture that ferocity. In someways Kierna might be the original 'Fresh Air Hero' in my life. It takes guts to rock mustard wide legged jumpsuit, and I commend her for it.

This photoshoot was my first of the new year and hopefully the first of many more. In someways it was symbolic. That trip back to Phoenix was the celebration of the end to an era. Leaving my life in the south west and and embracing my new home in the pacific northwest. I'm looking forward to many more photoshoots in my new home, Vancouver BC. If you're in the area and want to collaborate you can Direct Message me on instagram @freshairheroes. Also, if you're interested in my model, you find more of her work here.


  1. These images are beautiful and she is gorgeous, you really captured her confidence in this shoot. I love thrifting as well, I find it much more fun than shopping retail or paying retail price. Great post!

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