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Labelhood at Shanghai Fashion Week

Shanghai Fashion Week is a host to a myriad of showrooms, events, and designer showcases. One of these is Labelhood which is, in their own words, A pioneer fashion and art festival. Labelhood is a new Mecca for emerging designers in China, reminiscent to London’s Fashion Scout. When compared to the maturity of Shanghai Fashion Week’s main tent at Xintiandi, it’s clear Labelhood is more rooted in youth culture and urban fashion. It’s edgier, younger. Even in comparing the two venues there’s an purposeful air of unfinished DIY-ness to the Labelhood spot. While the Xintiandi tent is seamless and feels expensive, the Labelhood location on Minsheng Rd. is all unfinished concrete, warehouse windows, and high ceilings. If Shanghai Fashion Week at Xintiandi is queen BeyoncĂ©, then Labelhood is Solange, cooler, younger, more obscure, and able to take the risks that big sis isn’t. Labelhood is not only a venue for fashion shows, but also an experience. Inside the warehouse are a series of pop

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