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An Unapologetic Celebration of Amateur Fashion

My style inspiration has always come from what I see people wearing on the street. It's those moments when I bump into someone at a coffee shop, and realize that I'm obsessed with their jacket or love their shoes. When I see someone combine certain colors in a unique way. I think, 'Oh, I could do that.' or 'I have a dress that would look great with that jacket.' Street style is this endless stream of possibilities. Of human creativity that gets displayed on our bodies every day.

I admire these people. The beauty about it really lies in the fact that most of them aren't professionals. They're baristas, PR agents, graphic designers, therapists, you name it! The point is that they aren't getting paid to be a part of the fashion industry. It's not their job to know what's the color of the season or what trends we'll all be wearing six months from now. They're just regular people expressing themselves through what they wear. At most, …

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